Brand New EP ' Candlelight' Out Now


Aural Window is an Australian rock band formed in Melbourne in 2007. The band currently consists of Sheena Young (lead vocals), Matt Elefanty (lead guitar), Glen Nicholls (vocals & rhythm guitar), Aki Oshima (bass) and Benny Clark (drums).

In 2007, their first EP, No Trust In The Morrow, was released at a sold out gig at Melbourne’s Arthouse (capacity 250) and they toured the Australian East Coast in the following year to promote it.

With their next record, Cocoon and Epitropos, released in 2010, the band had found its sound. The EP received much acclaim for the blend of melodic furore within a post-hardcore dynamic, featuring a more elaborate sound. Their powerful live performances were honed with the amount of touring they did for the EP, cultivating an impressive underground following.

Their first music video, Ghost of Light premiered at the Esplanade Gershwin Room in November 2010 to a full crowd who was then treated to a blistering set. The band then travelled to the USA in January 2011 to embark on Aural Window’s first overseas tour.

Murphy’s Law came into play at every turn on their US tour, with shows cancelled due to one of the worst snowstorms on the East Coast. The band enlisted the help of new friends and locked five replacement shows, even hijacking the stage at a small jazz club in New York to play a guerrilla gig.

The band underwent a line-up change in January 2013, with Benny Clark taking over drumming duties. Aural Window feels reinvigorated with the change, as it has injected new energy and creativity in both the music and live performances.

The band has just completed their latest EP, titled Candlelight, at Sydney’s Electric Sun Studio. The first single off the record, Stones & Sounds, is out on iTunes everywhere.

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