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Dear friends,

It is with heavy hearts that we must let you know that Aural Window are calling it a day.

To everyone who has ever bought a record or came to a show – thank you. We hope our music meant something to you as it does to us. You have welcomed us into your hearts and it has meant the world.

Special thanks to our managers at Various Artists, Rob and Michael, bands we’ve shared a stage with, promoters who liked us enough to book us, sound and light techs we have worked with – you have made the difficult path of a music career truly a wonderful and rewarding journey.

Glen has developed a true passion for photography and he can be found at He is determined to transition from musician to the next Ross Halfin so keep an eye out.

Aki and Sheena have begun a new musical project with James McCormack and it sounds vastly different than Aural Window. We are quite excited about this and can’t wait to show you guys. We’ll post more info here about that soon.

We leave behind pieces of ourselves in Aural Window, and we will continue leaving our footprints in this world in one form or another.

You all have our greatest gratitude.




First show of Sleepless Dreams: Adelaide!


We’re sad to announce that Benny will no longer be part of the Aural Window family.

As much as we clicked and loved working together, our clashing tour schedules with his other band Electrik Dynamite meant that he wouldn’t be able to be as involved.

Since neither he nor us do things half-arsed, after much deliberation, we all decided that it’s best for us to go our separate ways.

We have begun looking for a new drummer so if you know anyone who’d be keen to play for us, get them to email us at

For the “Sleepless Dreams” tour, we have enlisted James McCormack from Have You Seen This Boy to fill in for us. He’s a lovely dude so everyone go give him hugs when you see him!

We have no plans of slowing down and are excited about the release of Candlelight and Aural Window’s future.

Thank you for the love, we know you have our backs and we love you.

‘Sleepless Dreams’ Tour Announcement


We’re going on the road again! To promote the release of our new record ‘Candlelight EP’, we’ll be visiting all major cities on the Australian East Coast!

This is gonna be a fun tour and we wanna see all your faces at the shows!

Candlelight EP Pre-order Bundles

You asked for it, and now you’ve got it!!

We’re rolling out some CD bundles cos who doesn’t love sick merch?!

Check out our three exclusive bundles the Basic Pack, the super special Deluxe Pack (limited to 50 only!) and the Flyleaf Pack.

Preorder now at!!

‘Candlelight’ EP Teaser WATCH NOW!


Blunt Magazine

We’re in this month’s BLUNT magazine!

The free CD comes with a high quality version of our first single, Stones & Sounds – so go grab your copy now at newsagencies everywhere!

Celebrity Endorsement

Melbourne Heart FC goalkeeper, Clint Bolton, is one of the raddest people ever. So glad to have him on our team!BJLI1WLCcAAlbRO.jpg_large


All Age Show at Musicland Cancelled

Unfortunately due to an illness in the band, we’ve had to pull out of this Sunday’s Melbourne All Age show at Musicland.

We haven’t had to cancel a show in 3 years and feel terrible doing so but Sheena is sick with pneumonia and has tried everything to get better since even before the Basement Apes live stream on Wednesday.

She has only gone worse since so we have no choice but to pull out of the show. Those who bought tickets you will get a refund from your point of purchase. Sorry guys we’ll definitely reschedule another AA show soon!

Announcing Our New Drummer


We are so stoked to announce that @Benny Pockets has joined the band as our permanent groovemaster!

We were very lucky that he was available to come in and jam with us – we all felt that undeniable chemistry and we clicked pretty much straight away.

After Mikey’s departure we weren’t sure if we could find someone who could fill his shoes, both as a drummer and as a friend. But those doubts were erased immediately and we’re blown away by Benny’s passion, dedication and professionalism.

We’re excited about what we’re planning for 2013 and big things are on the horizon!

Much love xoxo
Aural Window

Mikey departs the band


Hey everyone, we have some sad news to announce; unfortunately Mike has decided to leave the band. We fully support whatever he chooses to pursue next and he’ll always be part of the family no matter what.

“Hi all, I want to take this opportunity to announce my departure from Aural Window. It’s hard to keep doing something when your head is somewhere else. Sometimes the passion leaves you and then it’s all over. My time spent with the band has been some of the best years of my musical life, from playing shows, recording, touring America and Australia… I’ve done it all and with the best bunch of people possible. Sheena, Aki, Matt and Glen: thank you for sharing this with me, hold you guys dear to my heart always will.

Thanks to all the friends, family, fans and many bands that I’ve played with for all your support…
Aural Window ROCKS

Mike Palomeque”


First show of 2013


‘Stones & Sounds’ Music Video

‘Stones & Sounds’ is out on iTunes everywhere November 21, 2012.


‘Stones & Sounds’ Music Video Premiere

New Single STONES & SOUNDS Wordwide Premiere

So about the new EP….

Hello possums!

You have been asking for news about the EP for months now, and we feel that it is time to spill some info about what we CAN tell you!

The EP is titled ‘Candlelight’ – and there will be five tracks.

And the tracklisting will be…..

1. Stones & Sounds
2. An Eye For An Eye
3. Candlelight in Georgia
4. Mirrors Of You
5. Walls

We recorded this EP at Sydney’s Electric Sun Studios, with Dave Petrovic and Shane Edwards who have been the best mentors a band could ask for. They opened our eyes to new ways of crafting music, and have been so generous with their time and friendship.

Under their guidance, we had our songs taken apart, put together and taken apart again just to build from ground up some more to make sure we really were producing something truly amazing.

We are seriously so proud of this record and we can’t wait to share it all with you.

At this point we don’t have a set date for the release of the full EP, but we’ll let you know the moment we have news. We will, however, be touring extensively next year and we will try our best to hit regions we have never been before. So tweet/facebook/email us if you wanna see us in your city!

The first single ‘Stones & Sounds’ will be out along with a video next month….or latest by October. It’s a fun, energetic track that fully encapsulates the intense happiness we feel when we’re doing what we love most – making and playing music! We know you’ll love the song and would appreciate all of your likes and shares and tweets when it comes out!

There will be single launch shows in November for Melbourne and Sydney and we hope to catch you then. Because we seriously missed all of you.

Follow us on Twitter @auralwindow to stay posted with video shoots and whatnot and if you’re feeling particularly adventurous follow Sheena and Glen’s personal ones as well: @sheenayoung, @glenglenny
Much love!


Sheena, Matt, Glen, Aki & Mike


New Single Teaser “Stones & Sounds”

New Band Photo

A new photo for a new era of Aural Window!

Photo taken by: Tim Allen

Australian Drum Supply Endorsement

We are so stoked to announce that our drummer Mike has been picked up by Australian Drum Supply to endorse TRX cymbals and Corsair drumsticks. We are all super proud and the new gear is awesome – can’t wait to show them off at our 2012 shows!

Our next show sees us supporting one of Australia’s biggest bands, The Getaway Plan, at the Ferntree Gully Hotel on Friday March 16.

Tickets available now:

Dream on Dreamer End of Year support

Presale Tickets $15 : BUY NOW

Presale Tickets $15 : BUY NOW

Britney Spears Hit and Touring!!

Aural Window will be hitting the road in the coming months to promote their cover of Britney Spears’s smash hit, Till The World Ends.

Sheena: “I think it’s one of those times when you hear a song on radio and you just know that it’ll be pretty special to give it your own flavour. Besides, it’s a great party song to get people dancing. We just felt that it needed a bit more guitars!”
Aural Window has injected intricate guitar licks on an already infectious dance beat of the original, giving the track a multi-layered and kaleidoscopic sound.
Thursday 29th September 2011
iFEST 2.0 @ Civic Centre, BROKEN HILL NSW (AA)
Friday 7th October 2011
Sunday 6th November 2011
EAT NOISE @ Annandale Hotel, SYDNEY NSW (18+)

We have gone our separate ways…

After almost five years of playing together, we have parted ways with our guitarist, Kota. He has been such a big part of this band and we have nothing but thanks for his contribution over the years.

People in bands always use creative difference as a reason and until this moment we thought it was just an excuse. But the truth is sometimes far simpler than you think. It has just become more apparent in recent months that our music aspirations and goals are just too different to reconcile.

We have played so many great shows and been through so much together and he’ll always remain our dear friend. It was a mutually agreed decision for us to go our separate ways and we wish him best of luck in whatever he chooses to pursue.

Aural Window will move forward full steam ahead. Some exciting plans coming up so thank you guys for your continuous support.


Aural Window

Amber’s First Kiss Music Video