Brand New EP ' Candlelight' Out Now


Dear friends,

It is with heavy hearts that we must let you know that Aural Window are calling it a day.

To everyone who has ever bought a record or came to a show – thank you. We hope our music meant something to you as it does to us. You have welcomed us into your hearts and it has meant the world.

Special thanks to our managers at Various Artists, Rob and Michael, bands we’ve shared a stage with, promoters who liked us enough to book us, sound and light techs we have worked with – you have made the difficult path of a music career truly a wonderful and rewarding journey.

Glen has developed a true passion for photography and he can be found at He is determined to transition from musician to the next Ross Halfin so keep an eye out.

Aki and Sheena have begun a new musical project with James McCormack and it sounds vastly different than Aural Window. We are quite excited about this and can’t wait to show you guys. We’ll post more info here about that soon.

We leave behind pieces of ourselves in Aural Window, and we will continue leaving our footprints in this world in one form or another.

You all have our greatest gratitude.



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