Brand New EP ' Candlelight' Out Now

So about the new EP….

Hello possums!

You have been asking for news about the EP for months now, and we feel that it is time to spill some info about what we CAN tell you!

The EP is titled ‘Candlelight’ – and there will be five tracks.

And the tracklisting will be…..

1. Stones & Sounds
2. An Eye For An Eye
3. Candlelight in Georgia
4. Mirrors Of You
5. Walls

We recorded this EP at Sydney’s Electric Sun Studios, with Dave Petrovic and Shane Edwards who have been the best mentors a band could ask for. They opened our eyes to new ways of crafting music, and have been so generous with their time and friendship.

Under their guidance, we had our songs taken apart, put together and taken apart again just to build from ground up some more to make sure we really were producing something truly amazing.

We are seriously so proud of this record and we can’t wait to share it all with you.

At this point we don’t have a set date for the release of the full EP, but we’ll let you know the moment we have news. We will, however, be touring extensively next year and we will try our best to hit regions we have never been before. So tweet/facebook/email us if you wanna see us in your city!

The first single ‘Stones & Sounds’ will be out along with a video next month….or latest by October. It’s a fun, energetic track that fully encapsulates the intense happiness we feel when we’re doing what we love most – making and playing music! We know you’ll love the song and would appreciate all of your likes and shares and tweets when it comes out!

There will be single launch shows in November for Melbourne and Sydney and we hope to catch you then. Because we seriously missed all of you.

Follow us on Twitter @auralwindow to stay posted with video shoots and whatnot and if you’re feeling particularly adventurous follow Sheena and Glen’s personal ones as well: @sheenayoung, @glenglenny
Much love!


Sheena, Matt, Glen, Aki & Mike



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