Brand New EP ' Candlelight' Out Now

We have gone our separate ways…

After almost five years of playing together, we have parted ways with our guitarist, Kota. He has been such a big part of this band and we have nothing but thanks for his contribution over the years.

People in bands always use creative difference as a reason and until this moment we thought it was just an excuse. But the truth is sometimes far simpler than you think. It has just become more apparent in recent months that our music aspirations and goals are just too different to reconcile.

We have played so many great shows and been through so much together and he’ll always remain our dear friend. It was a mutually agreed decision for us to go our separate ways and we wish him best of luck in whatever he chooses to pursue.

Aural Window will move forward full steam ahead. Some exciting plans coming up so thank you guys for your continuous support.


Aural Window


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